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Acquisition and Processing Section  


        Any library work may be divided broadly into 2 kinds of jobs, work behind the scene and  work with the readers. This section belongs to the former type which regulates the acquiring and preparing the material for use into serviceable articles without delay and minimum cost. 

Once the books are acquired these have to be    technically processed before these are used by readers. The main activities here are classification and cataloguing the documents. Classification in simple terms means assigning a numerical numbers as minute as possible according to the subject which it covers. This helps in arranging all books of one subject in one place rather than making it a store house  of books jumbled  in one place.  Cataloguing helps readers locate books by author, title and subject cards.  All entries are arranged alphabetically like a dictionary so that even a layman can search books of his/her interest and liking. 
       Before the books and other documents reach the shelves, other processes are involved in making these available to users.
  These include pasting labels, due date slips book pocket, accessioning slip and stamping with the library seal.  All these activities are carried out in this section.    

Members of the State Library Planning Committee (SLPC ) are as follows:

1.     Education Secretary,  Chandigarh Administration.               Chairman

2.     Director, Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration         Vice Chairman

3.     Director Nominee, RRRLF, Kolkatta                                    Member

4.     Librarian, State Library, Sector 34, Chandigarh                     Member

5.     Librarian. T. S. Central State Library, Chandigarh                 Member-Convener 

6.     Prof. Manju Jaidka, Chairman, chandigarh sahitya  Akademi  Member  

7.     Sh Samwartak  Singh, DPI(S), Chandigarh Administration      Member

8.     Sh. Ajay Rampal, SIO, NIC, Chandigarh                                Member

9.     Prof. D.V.Rai, Deptt. Of Bio-Physics, PU, Chandigarh            Member

10    Sh  S.K Verma, IPS (Retired) # 654, Sector 11-B Chandigarh Member

11.   Dr. S.P. Gupta, (writer) # 451/22A, Chandigarh                       Member