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                                    Future Plans   




Future plans are to create a network of branch libraries through computers which will provide a greater access to the resources and avoid unnecessary duplication. The sharing of all combined resources will offer greater advantage to the users and provide them prompt and efficient services. At the same time this would make management of manpower sitting at different work station quite effective.

 All the in house library operations has been computerized.Various units of the Central State Library are linked effectively under the networking plan, Many components of the future scenario are already possible, yet much remains to be done efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

The library has plan to to cover roof of the library for making repository to cope up with the space problem.

Landscaping of the library is also in the pipe line to give the libary a better look.

The interior of the library will be revamped to provide asthetic, pleasent and  functional ambience which includes renovation of entrance, different saction in the phase manner with adequate lighting system.

More work station will be added to access the internet facility.