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        During the previous year the library organised various activities for children with a view to inculcate their interest in the use of libraries and reading habits. Activities like paper reading quiz,reference hunting,slogan writing, poem recitation etc. were organised to encourage children for creative thinking, freedom of expression and opening up their minds for new ideas. However, for all these activities, students from various schools used to come to the library premises for participation. Most of the children are from public, model and urban schools, whogiven their background, are generally more articulate and less inhibitive in public participation.. Those who have equally creative minds but feel shy or lackfacilities to participate in such activities either because of location of schools or due to certain disadvantages, remain outside the ambit of our activities.Thesechildren invariably are in ordinary government schools, in rural and slum areas. This year the Central State Libraryoutreached such student by organising activities at their place, in the spirit of libraries moving to users door. Wecovered large number of disadvantage children compared to the one who have been participating by coming to the library.However, it may be mentioned that it does notnot affect adversely the children who love to participate in ther activities organised by the libraracy atits beautiful premises.

Professional / Academic Interactive Programme

       Interaction between the academic and the professionals of library and information services has become imperative keeping in view the changingscenario. To bring them together on one platform and share oneís experiences and expertise, the latest advances in this field and the application of latest information technology is done though professional academic interactive programme.This programme is also extended to the students of library and information science of government polytechnic college Chandigarh.

Modernisation & Computerisation

        The library is committed to modernisation of its operation through proper mix of computerisation and net working. The CSL is the first public library in the north-west region to be fully computerised. The Education Department of Chandigarh liberally sanctioned funds to purchase computer used for networking of all sections in the CSL. The National Informatic Centre(NIC), Government of India, provided technical input for the networking of various sections and tailored the Teclib software used in the system for all housekeeping activities of the library.This implies that all the sections of the library are linked with computer terminals including the facilities available for general public use in circulation, reference and children sections .

     English language books are completely computerised. Issue/ return of books is now handled through terminal, which also keeps track of the overdue books and reminding readers to return these pomptly. Issue of duplicate membership cards, cancellation and refund of security are also being handled on computers lines.

The computers are also usedfor administrative purpose, library management and preparation of reports.The office prepares pay bills and other financial statementsand ourfuture plan is tocomputerise the total office record. On several occasions bibliographies are made on a specific subject.


Serial Database

††††† A step in the computerisation in all the spheres of library activities in the serial database of the library has been developed. Indexing of the latest relevant serial article has started which can be retrived without loss of time.

Hindi & Punjabi Database

††††† Earlier the books only in the English language were put in the computer database. During the year Hindi and Punjabi language books databse has been developed, Thus completing the whole library inventory on the computer.

School Librarian’s Seminar

A one day seminar for the school librarians of the tricity was organised on the theme “Electonic media and the declining reding habits” on Nov 10,2008. Fifty five librarians from the different schools of the tricity of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali participated. They were given tips how to promote/inculcate reading habits among children.


Children's Day Celebrations


Slogan writing, Book mark making, Jr school quiz, Book and Reference hunting and Senior school Quiz werethe events organised by the Library to mark Children’s Day celebration on Nov 10-12, 2008. Large number of students participated in the events. To encourage the children the prizes were also distributed to the best participants



. April 13- 16 was festivity time at the Library. Sprigfest-09 was organised during this time. Four day of Sprigfest marked the workshop on Creative Writting, Spoken English, Communicatin Skills,storytelling and poetry recitation competitions.Children of diffrent age group partcipated in the four day festival