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          Aim of this section is to provide inspiration, recreation and current information to the readers. Due  to vast knowledge explosion,     newspapers and periodicals literature  has a very important place these days in all fields whether it is Science, Arts, or Humanities because  readers more often  get current information from periodical literature rather than books. More than 50 percent of the readers of this library visit only this section due to  the special facility provided to non members. 

Here, readers have access to wide range of magazines, newspapers and topics of relevant interest. Clipping files are prepared from newspapers on announcement relating to admissions, vacancies employment, and examination results. These are very useful to the readers for providing them information without hassles while saving their time.  For research purposes, several periodicals are being indexed and some important periodicals and newspapers are got bounded annually. About 10 years back record of newspapers is available.  Current issue of the magazines are being displayed on the reading table to make their maximum use by a large number of readers.  About 200 periodicals and 18 newspapers are received in Hindi, English, Punjabi, English and Urdu Languages.