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                                      PUBLIC NOTICES                     

Supply of books on approval in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu to be purchased under RRRLF, Matching Scheme for the financial year 2018-19.

E-tender for the purchase, installation and implementation of RFID BASED LIBRARY SYSTEM , TSCSL-17, Chandigarh

Supply order of books for the financial year 2017-2018 

Aution Notice 

E-tender for Manpower Supply                                   Last date August 8, 2017

Inviting quotation/s for purchase of Information Kiosk  Last date 22-09-2016

Inviting quotation/s for purchase of Furniture items       Last date 29-01-2016

E-tender for Manpower Supply For 2015-16                   Last date 25.08.2015

Books on approval are called from Publishers, Distributors, booksellers and

authors for purchase in the T.S.Central State Library  and Divisional Library,

Sector 34 under the matching scheme of Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation


Supply of Book on Approval       18.09.2014

Quotation For  service Provider                                               28.03.2014

Quotation For  server with three year validity                        01.03.2014

Quotation For UPS                                                                    29.01.2013

Quotation For Furniture                                                            30.01.2013

Supply of Book on Approval                                                      31.01.20

Service Provider Bid                                                                  23.03.2013

Limited tender for Procurement alongwith printing, installation/ removal of Flex / Hoardings

Limited Tender for Procurement alongwith printing of Jute bags

Limited Tender for Procurement alongwith printing of Mugs, Coasters, T-shirts, Caps, Stoles  

Limited Tender for Procurement alongwith printing of Posters, Event Brochure, Note Pad, Paper Bags, Book Marks, Table Calender, Stickers 

Limited Tender For Procurement alongwith printing of Jute bags

Supply of Books