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Library Rules    




1.      Packages, backpacks, luggage or any other unattended items are subject to immediate confiscation.

2.      Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged in library premises.

3.      Moving Library furniture from where it is placed and reservation of seats are not allowed.

4.      Sitting on the floor, lying down or placing feet on the furniture is not allowed.


1.      Residents of Chandigarh city, Mohali city and Panchkula city can become members of this Library.

2.      The Security amount is Rs. 500/- for all .

3.      Identity cards accepted for membership- Adhaar/Voter/Driving licence/Passport and 2Photographs, 1Photograph through E-mail.

4.      Security is refunded once you cease to be member of this Library.

5.      Members are responsible for the safe custody of their membership cards. The duplicate card will be issued on payment of Re. 50/-. Members will be held responsible for any loss that the library may have to undergo due to the misuse of their lost cards.

6.      The card of a reader will be valid for twelve months and can be renewed by filling up a renewal slip.

7.      Library Timings (Main Library)

All Sections

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Reading Hall and magazine Section

 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Office                            ------     Monday to Saturday

10:00Am to 6:00 PM

8.      Library Timings (branch Libraries)

All Sections

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


9.      It is closed according to Chandigarh Administration calendarís Gazetted holidays



1.    Issue policy :

General Member

14 Days

Senior Citizen Member

28 Days

1 time reissue allowed only on or before due date

General Members Next 14 days and For S. Citizen Member Next 28 Days

2.      Books on loan can be recalled and the loan terminated at any time by order of the Librarian.

3.      Home delivery services for senior citizen, temporary disable and permanently disable people.


4. Reissue can be done over the phone No 2701269 (Main library).

And Reissue Email ID :

For Children Section

For Circulation Section


5. Reissue can be done over the phone No. (Branch libraries).



BL-ManiMajra, Chd.




6.      Delay fine @ Rs 1/- is charged per day per book after Due date.

7.      Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself/herself as to whether the book is in sound condition and if not shall bring the book to the notice of the Librarian/person issuing book at the counter, otherwise he/she will be held responsible for the replacement of books.

8.      Counter for issue/return of books will close 15 minutes before the closing time of the library.

9.      In case the book is lost the member shall replace the book, or pay the cost of book plus one third extra as cost escalation charges.

10.      In respect of un-priced and out-of-print books, the cost will be decided by the librarian.

11.      Periodical publications, rare books and books from Reference Section are not issued.

12.      Membership can be nullified if a member is found tearing pages of the books, stealing of hiding books etc.

13.  Certain periodicals can be read only on producing membership card or one's identity card.

14.  All users of the library are responsible for their own belongings.



    1.    Two CD's can be borrowed for a maximum period of Seven days apart from books.

    2.    User Fee of Rs. 10/- is charged per title for a period of 7 days.

    3.    Overdue charges @ Rs 5/- per day per title is charged.

    4.     The borrower should check the CD before getting it issued. He/She is responsible  in

            case of any damage to the CD borrowed and shall have to replace /pay the price of  

            the CD.


For information under RTI Act, Please contact CPIO, Mrs. DavinderKaur, Senior Asstt.